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Quotes on parenting to understand the importance of parenting

Gentle parenting

Wisdom in quotes on parenting

A quote on a specific topic carries the wisdom of ages and sometimes reading a quote can be far more inspiring than reading a complete article on the subject. Parenting quotes can reveal to us the thoughts of the greatest minds in human history. 

How we can learn from quotes about parenting?

Learning is a continuous process and by learning, parents can improve their parenting practices. A quote by a wise person about a topic reflects his/her philosophy of life about it. By knowing this philosophy simplified in a parenting quote we can have the introspection of our parenting practices and find out the areas requiring improvement. It is so satisfying and pleasant to read a good quote and learn from it. The recent concept of gentle parenting requires parents to establish a strong emotional connection with children for fulfilling the essence of gentle parenting. Kindness, love, and care are the main practices in gentle parenting for developing a parent-child connection. The majority of these quotes on parenting are closer to the concept of gentle parenting

Some of the best parenting quotes 

These amazing quotes on parenting open the door to wisdom and make us think that how important parenting is and how the process of parenting influences the lives of people. 

Parenting quote 1: Equipping a child with the ability to think 

If we equip children with the ability to think and analyze during the process of parenting, we are empowering them to successfully face unseen situations. If we are only teaching children what to think then we are limiting them to our own narrow perspective,  restraining their potential for growth, and limiting their exposure situations we know only.
Quotes on parenting Parenting quotes

Parenting quote 2: Evolved and gentle parenting

Naturally, a child unleashes his/her potential according to a time frame. Parents need to understand, support, and guide the child through it successfully rather than limiting the child to obsolete and irrelevant things of ages gone long ago. 
Parenting quotes

Parenting Quote 3: Gentle parenting 

Gentle parenting is the latest concept of parenting. Gentle parenting is different from positive parenting and good parenting. In the traditional concept of “good parenting “,  parents reward or punish the child for the purpose of discipline.  In gentle parenting, parent-child emotional connection is developed through care and love, and the process of parenting moves on in a beautiful way with an internal link instead of any external pressure. Unconditional love, affection, care, emotional attachment, and the bond of parents with their child are very essential for the development and growth of a child. It must be supplied uninterrupted to keep the growth unlimited. This is one of the important goals of gentle parenting. This quote on parenting has simplified a great theme in a beautiful way 👉 
Quotes on parenting

Parenting quotes 4: Unleashing and nourishing the curiosity of a child

This parenting quote is amazing. Unleashing and nourishing the curiosity of a child is the prime task of parenting.  The next important task is to guide through the means and ways to address the curiosity for the continuous and unabated growth of the child. This quote on parenting has summed up a great philosophy behind gentle parenting in a simple way 🙂
Quotes on parenting

Parenting quote 5: Children are influenced by everyone around them

According to the social-ecological framework, the child is influenced by everyone interacting and this Chinese quote on parenting expressed this in an amazing way. 

Quotes on parenting

Parenting quote 6: Parenting is fun 🙂😊

Children are beautiful, interesting, engaging, and funny 🙂 They want you to join them in their activities and they invite you in their own ways. Join them. Enjoy every phase and stage of your child. It goes fast and it will not be repeated. 
Quotes on parenting

Parenting quote 7: Parenting is fun and an interesting process

The majority of people want to have children after marriage because it is so fulfilling and lovely to have kids perform the interesting task of parenting. When children are more than one, it is quite common to witness conflicts, fights, and quarreling which requires patience to resolve and help your children cross this phase of life without getting frustrated and angry. Controlling anger is one of the important tasks in gentle parenting. Through gentle parenting, you can establish an emotional connection with your children to make things done in a comfortable and friendly way. 
Quotes on parenting

Parenting quote 8: Children need continuous engagement 

This African quote on parenting is self-explanatory, simple, and based on child psychology. Children are energetic and they want to learn things by doing to reach their developmental goals very much within due time. As this quote on parenting expresses, parents must not stop children forcefully from doing things. Instead, parents should distract them from harmful things and activities to harmless and full of learning activities. It is always good to have a plan for an entire day for your child. This plan should be designed according to the principle of gentle parenting. Parents should not force anything on a child and guide the child through all these activities in a friendly way. 
Quotes on parenting

Parenting quote 9: Gentle parenting is the best way

This parenting quote is about empathy through emotional attachment. Gentle parenting book by Sarah Ockwell-Smith is one of the best books on gentle parenting and mentions empathy, respect, understanding, and boundaries as essentials of gentle parenting. Parents need to understand the perspective of their children by being and their shoes. Emotions, anger, fear, irritation, or anxiety of a child are not without reason. Instead of forcing a child to do something, it is recommended in gentle parenting to address the reason for these emotions and states of mind the child is going through. 
Quotes on parenting

Parenting quote 10: Roots of human behavior 

The roots of adult human behavior are embedded in early experience and the way we are brought up. The children brought up in a hostile environment, learn to fight and a child brought up in the environment of love, acceptance, kindness, and friendship, transmit love and kindness through their loves. A society with gentle parenting skills can raise better adults. This parenting quote truly describes the impact of parenting on the personality of a person. 
Quotes on parenting

Gentle parenting quotes 

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