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Most important questions asked by concerned parents and their answers

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Gentle parenting style and its effectiveness

Gentle parenting is new and emerging concept about the process of parenting. Very few people know about the gentle parenting process, gentle parenting techniques, and gentle parenting discipline. People are debating about gentle parenting and its effectiveness for raising disciplined and successful childre. Gentle parenting discipline or gentle discipline is different from the traditional concept of discipline which endorses reward and punishment. Unlike that concept, gentle parenting is about the peaceful transformation of children and their protection from harmful practices. Read here about the techniques recommended in the gentle parenting process. Another article on gentle parenting techniques elaborates that how parents can raise children using a gentle parenting style. Philosophies of Wisemen and principles of child psychology are discussed here that how gentle parenting is a good approach for effective parenting.

Why do children cry too much?

Many parents ask this important question that why do children cry too much and how to soothe them in such worrying situations. This article explains well about possible causes due to which cry. Ten ways for soothing crying babies are also discussed. 

What are the benefits of physical activity &  exercise for children?

14 benefits of exercise and physical activities for children is an article specifically focused on the benefits of exercise and physical activities. This important article will enlighten you about the wonderful benefits of exercise for children. You can engage your children through gentle parenting without forcing them for doing something. 

How to protect children from online hazards? 

The online world has unseen dangers for children. You do not know who is behind the screen or behind an ID. It is very important to protect children from online hazards. Read the article about how to protect your children from online hazards. 


How to control screen time and mobile usage by children?

Parents feel helpless to control their children for the usage of mobile phones. Excessive screen time is harmful to the psychological health, mental health, growth, and development of children. Protect your children from excessive screen time with some effective strategies through gentle parenting style rather than forcing children for decreasing their screen time.

Parenting an autistic child

How to celebrate the birthday of a child?

The birthday of a child is a very special day and parents always want to celebrate in a memorable way. Try these wonderful ideas for the celebration of your child’s birthday in a beautiful way. Gentle parenting is about creating parent-child connections. Prioritizing your children and their special occasions strengthens your connection with your children. 

What are some best tips for becoming effective parents?

Gentle parenting is the most effective form of parenting. For parents, it is useful to update their knowledge about effective parenting techniques. There is so much information bombardment that it is difficult to read short and concise content on the issue of parenting. Here in this concise blog, some best practices are mentioned for becoming effective parents. 

What are the most important skills I should teach my child?

Gentle parenting is about equipping your children with important skills. Your child should learn essential skills to live a successful life as an adult. Teach your child these 10 important skills for success in life. 

How to stop my children from shouting,  yelling,  rude behavior, and defiance?

Parents are worried due to ‘bad behavior of their children. Try these strategies for dealing with shouting by children, rude behavior, yelling, backtalk and defiance, etc. These strategies are very much according to the principles of gentle parenting. 

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