Gentle parenting techniques

Gentle Parenting Techniques Simplified

Gentle parenting practices

What is gentle parenting? 

Gentle parenting is the way of parenting by establishing a parent-child connection through gentleness, love, kindness, empathy, and understanding. It is important that in the gentle parenting style, parents don’t punish or reward for the behavioral change of a child. Instead, both child and parent are transformed through emotional attachment. According to the Harvard University Center on the Child Development, positive reciprocal actions between parents and children play a very important role in the development of a child.


Why gentle parenting is making waves?

Gentle parenting has initiated a debate on the topic of parenting. It is very much according to child psychology and findings of the studies on child behavior and effects of various styles of parenting on the personality of children. 

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Why some people are reluctant about gentle parenting?

Gentle parenting is a recent concept in parenting and still people are not clear about its effectiveness for raising children as successful adults in their practical life. People are questioning whether is effective for raising disciplined children or not. In the subsequent paragraphs, you will read about the effectiveness of gentle parenting.

How to discipline children using gentle parenting?

Synonyms of discipline are regulation and order. Discipline does not mean correction of children by punishing them. Gentle parenting is to transform the children by inspiring them through empathy, self-respect, love, care, kindness, and parent-child attachment.


Some of the important techniques in gentle parenting 

These are some important gentle parenting techniques. These simplified techniques are effective but require patience which is an essential part of the gentle parenting process. Here is another article about practical tips to transform your child using parenting techniques.


1. Empathy

Empathy is ‘being in the shoes of others for understanding them. This is the highest level of understanding someone’s situation. In the gentle parenting style, parents practice empathy for understanding their feelings and the root causes behind the behavior. Usually, parents easily get annoyed by the behavior of children without clearly understanding the cause of the behavior. According to child psychology,  parents practice empathy and help them understand the root cause of a child’s behavior and address it appropriately without getting frustrated. Gentle parenting focuses more on transforming the parents. 

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2. Emotional attachment 

Establish emotional attachment with your by continuous kindness, fulfilling every need, responding promptly, and interacting pleasantly. Through emotional attachment, parents can inspire children for doing things rather than force them to do something. 


3. Love, care, and kindness 

Express kindness, care, and kindness with your children. They will reciprocate this love and kindness with everyone they interact with, including parents. Love, care, and kindness have the power to transform children completely. It is one of the important goals of gentle parenting to raise the child as a gentle and kind person.

4. Creating an environment of mutual respect through gentle parenting

Instead of a power struggle with children, parents can create an environment of mutual respect with their children. Gentle parenting focuses on the environment where parents have open hearts and respect for their children. As a result, parents gain peace of mind and calm kids with respectful behavior. Parents face fewer issues like tantrums and emotional outbursts from children. It is also one of the important goals of gentle parenting to recognize the children respectfully, listen to their opinion with attention.

5. Involving children in decision making 

Children who grew in an environment of power struggle grow as hostile adults. Involving the children in decision-making is a practical step towards ending all your power struggles with your children. This act of gentle parenting transmits a clear message to children that you are not in a power struggle with them. They feel being recognized. This sense of recognition leads to peace and calmness in their personalities. 

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6. Celebrate with your children

Celebrate special events and every success of your child in the best way possible to express your love and care to your child. Every such act will make you successful in getting the goal of gentle parenting. 

Gentle parenting



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