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Best Books on Child Protection to Update Your Professional Knowledge

 Child Protection is a very sensitive and challenging field of practice requiring continuous updating of knowledge. Child protection is the evolving field of practice with new research, legislation, changes in population dynamics, change in values, and cultural transitions. Following are some of the best books on child protection. I believe every child protection professional should read these important books. Here are the short reviews of these amazing books about child protection social work.

1. Working Ethically in Child Protection 
Authors: Bob Lonne, Maria Harries, Brid Featherstone, and Mel Gray
A Short Book Review: This book is written on one of the most challenging areas in the field of child protection i.e ‘Ethical Child Protection Practice’. The foreword of this book is written by Gary B.Melton. All the authors of this book are renowned scholars and practitioners in the field of child protection. The authors of this book highlight the Ethical challenges in the field of child protection and emphasize the importance of ethical child protection practice. This book is important for child protection social workers, child protection caseworkers, researchers, police investigators, child protection officers, child rights activists, lawyers, child abuse cases reporters, media persons, and all those working with children and having an interest in reading issues related to children.

Working Ethically in Child Protection

Working Ethically in Child Protection by Bob Lonne

2. The Child Protection Practice Manual
Authors: This book is edited by Gayle and Caroline but there is a long list of contributing pediatricians and clinicians. Their names and a short introduction is available inside the book.
A Short Book Review: This wonderful book published in the form of a practice manual is written in a very organized manner. Chapters of this book are written by multiple authors. All the authors of these chapters are clinicians and pediatricians but it is important to note that this book ‘The Child Protection Practice Manual’ is written for everyone in the field of child protection including parents, child protection social workers, pediatricians,  police investigators, lawyers, and many others. This book is actually an explanation of pediatricians’ interesting child protection perspective in a very simple and fluid way. You will learn so much by reading this book but without any difficulty. As a child protection professional and researcher with a background in social work education, I loved reading this book.

The Child Protection Practice Manual: Training practitioners how to safeguard children
The child protection manual by Gayle Hann and Caroline Fertleman

3. Social Work with Children and Families

Authors: This comprehensive and one of the best books in the child protection field is edited by Martin Davies. There are multiple contributors to various sections of this book. This book is mainly written by professional social workers in a multi-disciplinary approach and anyone in the field of child protection and interested to read about child protection can enjoy reading this book.
A Short Book Review: Social work is a leading profession in the field of child protection across the world at policy, practice and research levels. The majority of authors of this book are from social back education and practice backgrounds with deeper insights about theory, policy and practice of child protection. The content of this book is very rich and full of learning for professionals working in the field of child protection. This should be the deskbook for personal reading and permanently available in your office if you are involved professionally as a child rights activist or child protection professional. 

Social Work with Children and Families by Martin Davies

Social work with children and families by Martin Davies

4. Working with Abused Children

Authors: This concise book is written by Celia Doyle. 
A Short Book Review: This is another best book in the field of child protection. This book is about the perspective of the abused children, voices of children, individual work with children, work with children in the family context, group work with abused children, substitute care, prevention of child abuse and the effects of abuse. The First edition of this book was written after the transformed approach to child protection after the emergence of findings of major child protection inquiries which resulted in the legislation of the Children Act 1989. Public inquiries such as the Cleveland inquiry have a deep impact in the field of child protection at policy, legislation and practice levels. Reading this book and exploring the practices in the field of child protection prior to major public inquiries and resulting in drastic changes in legislation, policy and practice will not only give you a deep understanding of transitions in the field of child protection but will also give you a clear understanding that what motivates the process of legislation and how child protection professionals can play a more effective role to in the process of policymaking and legislation for improving the lives of children.

Working with Abused Children: Focus on the Child
Working with abused children by Celia Doyle

5. Child Welfare and Child Protection: An Introduction 
Authors: David Royse and Austin Griffith
A Short Book Review: Dr. David Royse is a great researcher and academician in the field of professional social work with a special focus on child protection. Austin Griffith is also an academician with a strong practice background in child welfare. The professional, academic and research background of these two authors reflects in this wonderful book. This wonderful book is very beneficial for students, academicians, policymakers and practitioners in the field of child protection. 
Child Welfare and Child Protection: An Introduction

6. Children and Emotional Abuse
 Author: David Royse
A Short Book Review: David Royse is the author of this wonderful book. He is a great researcher and academician in the field of professional social work with a special focus on child protection. This book is a great resource for all those social workers and professionals who are working with children. The content of this book is based on research and evidence in the field and provides the latest information for understanding and solving the issue of emotional abuse with children. This book must be an essential part of your library if you are working with children or conducting research on issues related to children. 
Children and Emotional Abuse: Essential Information

I hope you enjoyed reading the reviews of these important books on child protection. We will keep writing more views to let you know about some more important books in the field of child protection.

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