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14 Benefits of Exercise and Physical Activity for Children’s Well being

In this digital age, maintaining regular exercise and physical activities for children has become a very challenging task. For the healthy physical, psychological and social development of a child exercise and physical activities are of utmost importance. Let’s protect our children from harmful screens and engage them in healthy physical activities. Exercise and physical activities are very essential and beneficial for children in many ways.

Physical activities for children

Parents are always concerned that how to support children’s health and wellbeing. The following are scientifically proven benefits of exercise for children. This quick list of 14 benefits of exercise will enlighten you about the importance of exercise for the development and growth of your child.
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1. Exercise is good for the physical health of children

Exercise improves the physical health of children and makes them strong. It also boosts their immunity and shields them against disease and illness. According to the Harvard School of Public Health, Children need at least one hour of exercise a day. The benefits of exercise on children’s digestive systems are also amazing. Similarly, the benefits of exercise on children’s respiratory systems are also proven scientifically.
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2. Exercise is more beneficial than just physical health for children
Exercise rewards more than just physical health. It completely improves the state of mind and body and changes the feelings of a child or adult. One feels strong, motivated and with more self-control due to regular exercise. Exercise fills you with a deep sense of joy and happiness due to the release of healthy biochemicals within the body.
3. Exercise works as stress relief for children
Stress is a regular element in human life and children are not the exception. A positive level of stress keeps us moving for growth and development. However, an imbalance of stress can badly ruin our health. Exercise is good too to manage stress in a positive way. It increases the ability to deal with daily life stress.
4. Exercise improves the mood of children
Exercise is synonymous with happiness. Our bodies and minds are designed to be active and activity keeps them healthy and happy. Staying inactive for a prolonged duration of time indulges us in pessimism and lack of spirit. We need to move often to stay in a good physical and mental state. Exercise changes the mood and children feel inner joy.
Mood tantrum of children
5. After exercise children sleep well
Good quality sleep is very important for the health of your child. Do exercise improves the quality of sleep. According to John Hopkins Medicine, exercise improves the quality of sleep. Exercise and physical activity also improve the sleep patterns of the children.
6. Due to exercise and physical exercise children are more composed and peaceful
Parenting is a challenging task especially for managing the high physical energy of children. Children need lots of physical activity to put this energy into action. Exercise harnesses this physical potential of children.
Child aggression
7. Exercise Improves the Motor Skills Development of Children
According to research, physical activity and exercise improve the motor development of children.
8. Exercise with peers improves the coordination and teamwork abilities of children.
While playing sports with peers, it requires them to interacte, coordinate and cooperate with each other as team members. This situation provides a wonderful opportunity for children for learning coordination, cooperation and teamwork.
Team work for children
9. Outdoor exercise helps them connect with nature.
Outdoor and activities provide opportunity to interact with nature and establish stong ties with nature. Nature never fails us.
Children and nature
10. Exercise Improves Brain Development.
According to the findings of studies, exercise improves brain development and memory.
11. Exercise Improves the Mental Health of Children.
Regular physical activity and exercise are very beneficial for the mental health of children and guardians or parents of the child should provide a regular opportunity for exercise and outdoor activities to children.
Exercise and mental health of children
12. Exercise boosts the confidence of children and gives them a sense of fulfillment.
Being in better physical and mental health not only boosts confidence but also makes one feel fulfilled.
13. Exercise is a lifetime skill learned by children to tackle stress in life.
There are so many positive ways to tackle stress in life and exercise is one of the best way to get rid of negative stress. Other positive ways include art and music etc.
14. Emotional regulation of the children.
A child needs good emotional regulation ability to keep emotional balance and achieve resilience in challenging patterns of life. Exercise helps us raising strong, emotionally regulated and resilient kids.
Emotional Regulation of Children

Hiking is also a good exercise and physical activity. Read this article about ‘ Hiking with Children and Family: Important Tips‘ if you like or planning to go on hiking somewhere.

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