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3 Great Habits and Manners for Kids to have

Gentle Parenting and the Power of Habits  

Gentle parenting is about raising healthy, happy, calm, and disciplined kids. Habits are very powerful and through gentle parenting, parents can create positive habits and good manners for positive social influence. Gentle and positive parenting nurture disciplined and well-socialized kids who know how to interact with the people in society. Following are three simple, beautiful, and leadership habits for gentle kids. In fact, these are the habits of leaders and influencers.

Conscious Discipline and Habits 

Through the conscious discipline, parents can inculcate good habits in their children. Discipline equals freedom in gentle parenting. Synonyms of discipline in gentle parenting are to prepare, regulate, cultivate, teach, nourish or train. Habits can be created or changed through parenting process. These important habits can be created during parenting process. 

Gentle parenting

Greeting when meeting someone

As a parent, you should teach your children to greet on meeting someone according to your own culturally appropriate way. It creates a very positive image of your child in the mind of a person, melts the ice, and increases the level of cooperation. In their adult life, in society, and at a professional level, this wonderful habit will earn respect and acceptance for your child.

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Respectful with everyone

Be respectful and courteous with everyone you interact with. Gentle parenting and positive parenting focus on raising peaceful and well-mannered kids who know how to interact with people in a friendly manner. Respect and manners are reciprocal and in return, your children get respect and acceptance at every level.

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Smile when meeting someone they know

A smile is a positive gesture and transmits the powerful message of respect, love, and care to the people. Smiling is one of the powerful acts of kindness and positivity. It increases the level of cooperation, respect, and coordination with the people at work, in society, or at school. It is one of the important goals of gentle parenting or positive parenting to raise happy, healthy, and peaceful kids. Smile is one small act with a very strong and positive impact. Equip your children with generous smiles.

Positive discipline during the process of parenting is about creating positive habits in a non-violent way. Thus, discipline equals freedom in Gentle Parenting, as discipline empowers your child for becoming successful and gaining control over their lives. 

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