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Problems of parents and Child Protection Policy of Pakistan


Pakistani child

Following are some of the serious problems faced by Pakistani parents.

Poverty, needs of children & nutritional deficiency 

More than 25% population of Pakistan is below the poverty line. Parents are unable to fulfill the needs of their children.

Lowly prioritized human & Social development 

Human rights are social development are at the low priority of state in Pakistan. Ultimately, important sectors such as health, education social welfare are not allocated sufficient budgets. Parents are unable to get basic facilities for their children.


Services, institutions and resources available within the country are not enough to provide the required services to such a huge population.

Lack of proper health services for children 

There are no sufficient hospitals in Pakistan. Especially, the rural areas are worst hit as there are no proper health services. Around only 1% of gross domestic product is allocated to the health sector in Pakistan. Pakistan is among the top few countries for the highest child mortality rate.

No safety nets for poor families 

Basic safety nets and social security programs protect vulnerable families from so many economic issues. Unfortunately, in Pakistan, there are no proper social safety nets to protect poor families and children.


Unemployment and insufficient opportunities to make enough for the living are serious issues and hindrances in the way of Pakistani parents to provide essential needs to their children.

Culturally influenced parenting patterns 

Culture influences our ways of life in many ways. In Pakistani culture, children are supposed to unquestionably obey adults. Adults are considered authority even

No awareness programs on positive parenting 

No proper parenting awareness programs are run by the public or private sector in Pakistan.

Intergenerational cycle of abusive parenting

Children face physcial and violence at home and in school settings. According to social learning theory as humans, we learn and replicate the patterns of interaction.  Domestic violence and violence against children are serious issues in Pakistan. This violence is inter-generational in nature.

Availability of Education & its quality

Quality and access to education is a serious issue in Pakistan. Millions of children in Pakistan are out of school, syllabus of schools and educational institutions is not according to the promises of age.

No health insurance program 

In case of sickness, parents do not have enough savings to get good health services for their children. There are health or social insurance programs by state to facilitate the families for the health of children.

Child Protection Policy of Pakistan

There are so many flaws in the child protection policy of Pakistan. Laws are flawed, institutions providing child protection services are not enough to cater the population. Funds for protection of children are not allocated for establishing the institutions and even after the legislation, laws are not implemented.

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