ARMS and CUPS Technique

Teaching Kids Revise and Edit their Writing in Fun Way: ARMS and CUPS Technique

ARMS and CUPS writing and editing for children

Writing and editing skills are essential in the success of any school-aged student. However, teaching these skills in a traditional classroom setting can be dull and uninspiring. But what if children could learn writing and editing skills through an engaging game? In this blog post, we explore the potential of ARMS and CUPS to make learning fun for kids!

ARMS Technique while revising your writing 

A= Add sentences and words

R= Remove unneeded words and sentences 

M= Move to a word or sentence placement 

S= Substitute words or sentences for others

CUPS techniques while editing your writing.

C= Capitalize. Sentences, names, places, months, titles

U= Usage. Match nouns and verbs correctly

P= Punctuation usage

S= Spellings. Check all words, use your resources


ARMS and CUPS, short for Add, Remove, Move, Substitute (ARMS), Capitalize, Usage, Punctuation and Spellings (CUPS) are writing techniques that students can use to help them with their writing. This method encourages students to think critically about their written work and learn the basics of grammar. It also helps them become better writers by allowing them to make changes and put the skills they have learned into practice. 

The ARMS and CUPS techniques are fun and engaging for children since it’s like playing a game. The goal is to identify mistakes in their work and make corrections. Students can work alone or with a partner to complete the game. As they progress in the game, they will be able to recognize more mistakes in their writing quickly. This will help them become more proficient writers as well as give them an appreciation for grammar rules. 

Overall, ARMS and CUPS technique can be used as a fun way to teach children important writing skills while encouraging creativity and critical thinking. With these techniques, students are sure to develop strong writing skills that will benefit them throughout their academic career!

Importance of Good Revision and Editing Skills in Academic Career of Kids

It is often said that good writers are also good rewriters and editors. This is especially true for kids, who are still developing their writing skills. Good revision and editing skills can help them improve their academic performance and prepare for their future career.

There are many benefits of teaching kids to revise and edit their writing. For one, it helps them become more critical thinkers. They learn to identify errors in their work and make corrections accordingly. As a result, they produce better-quality work overall.

In addition, revision and editing skills can also help kids develop a stronger sense of self-awareness. By taking the time to revise and edit their work, they learn to reflect on their own writing process and make necessary adjustments. This allows them to progress as writers at a much faster pace.

Finally, teaching kids to revise and edit their work can also foster a love for learning in them. By constantly challenging themselves to improve their work, they develop a growth mindset that will serve them well in all aspects of their lives.

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