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Early Signs and Symptoms of pregnancy

Early Signs and Symptoms of pregnancy

Prior to a pregnancy test, there are early signs and symptoms of pregnancy. Becoming parents is an amazing experience and people are really excited to know this. Here are some of the most important signs and symptoms of pregnancy which can help you know even before conducting the pregnancy test.

·         Vomiting & Feelings of Nausea: Feelings of nausea and vomiting are important signs associated with pregnancy. The intensity or level of these feelings can vary from woman to woman, Some can feel more and some less. However, this condition is considered one of the important signs.


·         Tiredness and Fatigue: Pregnancy brings so many changes inside your body physically. Hormonal and biochemical changes also affect your body. Due to this, a pregnant lady can feel tired and fatigued.  


·         Mood Swings: Hormonal and biochemical changes due to pregnancy also affect the mood of a woman but it is normal. You can feel the urge to cry or feel sad and emotional.


·         Excessive and Unusual Urination. Your urination routine and pattern changes drastically. There will be unusual and increased urination due to the increased volume of blood in your body processing more fluids through kidneys. It is quite normal and considered one of the important early signs of pregnancy.


·         Cramps. Cramps in the uterus area are also symptoms of pregnancy.  These mild cramps are not worrisome but a usual sign of pregnancy.


·         Menstrual periods are missed. Menstruation stops with pregnancy. If a week or more passes and you are not menstruating even after the due date then this should be taken as caution. However, you should know that this could be even because of irregularity in the menstruation cycle. Therefore, this sign should be taken along with other signs and symptoms mentioned here.


·         Tenderness or soreness of breasts. Biochemical and hormonal changes within the body can cause tenderness of breasts and women can feel some level of pain or discomfort in their breasts after getting pregnant.


·         Unusual Constipation. Constipation is also an early sign of pregnancy. As discussed pregnancy brings so many changes within the body and system. The digestive system is no exception. 


·         Feelings of Bloating. Due to hormonal changes, you may have feelings of bloating. 


·         Preference of food intake. Pregnancy affects your taste and you might feel attracted to some odors or foods and feel repelled or sensitive to other foods. Again, is associated with drastic hormonal changes happening inside your body.

It is advised to take a pregnancy tests at home rather than relying alone on these signs symptoms and should consult your gynecologist as soon as you get your home pregnancy test positive or before if you feel the need to see your doctor.


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