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13 Best Parenting Practices for Raising Healthy and Successful Kids

Parenting is a very pleasant and joyous experience. Gentle parenting is an emerging concept in parenting that is based on empathy, care, love, and respect between parent and child. Gentle parenting is the best approach according to child psychology. All the parents want that their children should grow as healthy and successful adults and they try their best to achieve this goal.  However, all of us need to continuously update our knowledge to improve our parenting skills for fulfilling our parenting responsibilities in the best manner. This brief and easy-to-read article provides you with practical tips for raising healthy and successful children by observing these gentle parenting practices. This article presents 13 gentle parenting techniques.



There is a debate that whether parenting is an instinct or learned behavior. However, it’s a fact that learning good practices improves parenting patterns. 

Following are 13 best gentle parenting practices for the best development, growth, and well-being of your child.

1. According to principles of gentle parenting, parents should prioritize their child

As a parent, it is very important to prioritize your child over other things. We always prioritize the people and situations in life which are important to us and children are most important. It is important to grow professionally but keeping a balance is the key to happiness and long-term success in our lives. According to the principles of gentle parenting, prioritizing the child is essential for creating the parent-child emotional bond.


2. Parents should give regular time to their child 

Parents should allocate an essential and regular portion of their time to their children on daily basis. As a parent, spending time with your child will build a strong connection with your child which is essential for a gentle parenting style.


3. Parents should listen to their child with care and attention

For gentle parenting, it is important for parents to know what is going on inside the mind of their child. Listening to your child will help you a lot in understanding your child, knowing his preferences, and becoming aware of his personal tendencies. Ultimately, knowing the personality of your child by regularly listening to him or her will better ground for establishing strong connections with your child.


4. Parents should respond to the curiosities and questions of your child

Every child needs a responsive and caring adult or gentle parents who can answer his curiosities and questions. According to the concept of gentle parenting, it is very important for the growth of a child. Parents or guardians have this important role to play. By responding to these curiosities of a child, parents can make a strong connection with their children.

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5. Parents should read books on best parenting practices

Have some good books on gentle parenting in your collection. Make your reading goals by allocating proper reading time. There are so many things about children and parenting skills which all of us need to know. These things include but are not limited to parenting skills developmental milestones, basic child psychology, emotional health of children, disciplining your child, physical health of children, physical activities for children, protection of children, and many other things. It will help you understand the children and make good connections with your child. 


6. Parents should read stories to their child

Gentle parenting is about making a strong connection with your child. This activity has a great role in the intellectual development of children by uplifting and enriching their imagination. Try to protect your child from the harmful effects of screens and establish a love for books. Through these storybooks, this love for books will accompany them in their adulthoods.


7. Parents should involve their children in the decision-making process at home

Involving your child in the process of decision-making in simple decision-making means you are giving importance to your child, boosting self-esteem and her or his increasing self-worth. Resultantly, due to this act of gentle parenting, your child will be more attached to you than ever. 


8. Parents should celebrate every event related to their child 

Never miss any opportunity to celebrate any event or success related to your child. Spare reasonable time for such celebrations and plan in advance. Express clearly to your child that how important he or she is to you. Giving importance to the child is an important goal in a gentle parenting style.


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9. Parents should support their children emotionally 

Strong emotional connection is a basic and essential thing in gentle parenting. Whenever your child is feeling down emotionally, try to know the reason and address it. Support your child emotionally and motivate whenever needed in an age-appropriate way. Parents should know the emotional state of their children and provide support whenever needed.


9. Parents should ask about the likes and dislikes of their child and act accordingly 

As a gentle parent, you must know about the likes and dislikes of your child. Consciously, give positive experiences to your child and avoid what your child dislikes. This is a good way to achieve the goal of gentle parenting. 


10. Parents should take their child on a walk regularly

You can make it a regular routine to take your child on a walk as an important practice in gentle parenting. Children open up and share their expressions more in an outdoor environment than indoors. A healthy walk in a natural environment and discussion on a topic according to the choice of your child will strengthen your connection with your child.


11. Parents should take their child outside and introduce him/her to their social circle proudly 

Socialization is essential in gentle parenting and very important for the social and psychological development of your child. Regular interaction at various social levels improves the social skills, confidence, and communication skills of your child. The child becomes aware of the social norms and values of society. 


12. Parents should not ignore their child

Children are very sensitive and react strongly when parents ignore them. It affects their self-esteem negatively. Therefore, never ignore your children even when sitting and discussing with someone. Keep giving them attention and good gestures when they are around. It is essential in gentle parenting to give them the attention needed and demanded by them. 


13. Parents should catch their child doing good to keep them doing well

This is one of the most amazing parenting tips. Parents want their children to do ‘good’ things. If you want your child to do good things, catch them doing good and appreciate them openly. It will help them understand the concept of good and gradually they will be good at doing ‘good’. Gentle parenting completely transforms a child and parenting by building a strong parent-child connection.

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