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10 ways to soothe a crying baby? Simple tips for parents and caregivers

 Crying baby

Why do the babies cry?

The baby cry is not something unusual or unhealthy behavior unless it crosses some normal range of time or intensity. Younger children can not speak to communicate and crying is a way of communication, alerting the guardian or seeking necessary attention by the babies. When babies cry they actually want adults to fulfill their needs. The following could be the normal causes of the baby crying. Parents and caregivers who have a close bond with their child develop good emotional intelligence and intuition to know the cause of crying but sometimes it becomes difficult to know that why the baby is crying. Here are some of the major causes which you can screen to know if the baby is crying because of any reasons illustrated below. however, as mentioned below, when still there is doubt then there is no doubt and you need to see the doctor.

1. Your child could be hungry 

When babies are hungry they do cry to communicate their feelings of hunger. Remember, when you fed your child last time? Is the baby crying because of hunger? Feed the baby and check if it was because of hunger. If it is because of hunger, the baby will stop crying. If the baby was not crying because of hunger then move on to find another reason for crying.

2. Your baby might be alone and feeling afraid 

Babies need a constant sense of being accompanied and being attended by the adults who are around them taking care of them. A baby is dependent on the caregivers who feed and protect the baby from all forms of dangers. Whenever a baby evaluates or feels that no one is around, s/he starts crying to call you and come closer. Come closer to your baby, touch, cuddle and smile to ensure that you are there to take care.

Baby crying

3. Your baby needs attention, love, and affection

A baby can cry if being neglected by adults, guardians, or caregivers. Neglect is a very serious thing and a baby notices it very well. A baby needs loads of smiles, friendly gestures, caring faces, love, and affection for good development. If a baby is not supplied enough of all this, then the baby can start crying. You need to ensure its supply and the child will stop crying if it was because of it. 

crying baby

4. Check if the baby is crying because of too cold or too hot temperature

Babies cry because of extreme temperatures and they need comfortable temperatures. Try to regulate the temperature of the room or place where the baby is lying and it can make the difference. It is very important that a child should be protected from extreme temperatures in summer and winter both. Otherwise, it can seriously affect the development and health of your baby and can also make your baby cry.

5. A baby can cry because of an uncomfortable position or uncomfortable dress

Ensure that the baby is lying in a comfortable position. Also, ensure that dress of your child is comfortable. Change the position of your baby and check if it works. Thoroughly inspect the dress of your baby and also check it from inside if something is pinching from inside. There should be no buttons or anything on the back of your baby’s dress. It badly hurts when your child is sleeping with their back on the surface. While buying the dress for your baby, ensure from all aspects that it should be comfortable for your child. 

6. A baby might be crying because of a fever or any other ailment

Check the body temperature of your child for fever. Immediately, consult your child specialist and act upon the advice of your doctor. Similarly, a child might be crying because of any other ailment such as pain in ear or stomach which you are unable to understand and need to see the doctor. 

7. Check the diapers of your crying baby

Be regular and consistent in changing the diaper of your baby. A wet or heavy diaper can irritate the baby. A wet diaper causes your baby to cry. By crying, a baby is telling you to change the diaper. Change the diapers and notice if it changed the mood of your child.

8. Check if the crying baby has rashes on the body

Rashes on the body of your baby could be because of diapers, improper dress, wetness because of any liquid. You can notice the signs of rashes on various parts of the body. Usually, rashes could be on areas covered by diapers and area of the body which is on the surface while the child is sleeping or lying on the bed. Consult your doctor to seek a medical opinion or prescription to treat the rashes. 

9. Remember, when there is doubt about the cause of baby crying then there is no doubt

If your child is crying continuously and you are unable to soothe or understand the reason then there is no doubt that you need to see and the doctor to examine your baby as soon as possible. Immediately consult your doctor and act upon the advice. 

crying baby

10. Sing, smile, hug, and give friendly gestures to your baby

Love, affection, kindness, smile, and care have magical effects on your child. Indeed, all these are needs of your child. Never run short of all this while interacting with your baby. It will have a great and positive effect on the development of your child. It will also help you to build and strengthen your bond with your baby.

Crying baby

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